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These FAQs are intended use by individuals who have reviewed the video series educational “COMPOUND INTEREST: THE RETIREMENT YOU DESERVE” and have a foundational understanding of the MPI® Secure Compound Interest Strategy, including the use of cash value life insurance contracts, and the guarantees, assumptions, features, and risks associated with them.


What Happens If I Lapse, Surrender, or Cancel My Policy?
The MPI® Strategy! How the Triple Advantage Works
What Happens to MPI® in a Down Market?
Who Gets My Cash Value When I Die and Who Pays Back the RELOC™?
Does the MPI® Calculator Adjust for Inflation?
What Are The Minimum and Maximum Contribution Limits Into MPI®?
Can I Roll Over My 401(k) or IRA into MPI®?
Can I Defer My Tax? Is MPI® Tax-Free Retirement Income?
Is There An Age Limit To Start A MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account?
Do I Have To Pay Monthly Or Can I Pay Annually?
What Happens If I Get Divorced?
Should Both Spouses Have A Plan And Should My Children Have Plans?
Will My MPI® Plan Cancel If I Lose My Job And Miss A Payment
Will My MPI® Plan Cancel If I Get Sick?
What Reasons Can Decline Me From Starting A MPI® Account And What If I Don't Get Approved?
Can I Use MPI® As My Emergency Fund?
Who Manages the MPI® RELOC™ Match Every Year?
How Do I Access Retirement Income And Who Manages It?
Can I Apply For MPI® If I Live In New York?
How Much Should I Save?
Is MPI® FDIC Insured?


Roth IRA S&P 500 Index Fund vs. MPI® Traditional Plan 1996 - 2020
401(k) Plan With Employer Match vs MPI® Traditional Plan 1996 - 2020
Fees: 1% Financial Advisor vs MPI®
15-Year Mortgage vs 30-Year Mortgage Plus MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account
Pay Your Home In Cash vs. 30-Year Mortgage Plus MPI® Account
529 Children's Education Savings Plan vs MPI® Children's Plan
Early Access Penalties of a 401(k) vs MPI® Surrender Charges
Buy Term Life Insurance and Invest the Rest vs MPI®
Indexed Universal Life 1.0 vs MPI® (IUL 2.0)
Whole Life Insurance vs MPI®
Is Infinite Banking a Scam?

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